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Carpaccio   89’000.-
Imported, sliced raw tenderloin, served with Parmesan cheese, olive oil and fresh champignons
Vol au Vents   59’000.-
3 mini puff pastry, filled with chicken ragout and champignons, on a delicious cream sauce, served with sweet peas
Royal Thai Spring Rolls   42’000.-
Served with sweet chili sauce
Duckliver Paté   56’000.-
Framed with mango coulis, served with toasted French bread and butter
Bruschetta   32’000.-
Baguette slices with tomato and onion salsa
Garlic Bread   22’000.-


Pumpkin and Coconut Soup   32’000.-
With Asian herbs
Bell Pepper Soup   49’000.-
Made of yellow and red capsicum, served with fresh basil
Tomato Cream Soup   39’000.-


Greek Salad   69’000.-
Classical Greek salad with fetta cheese, black olives, capsicum, tomato, cucumber, onion, ruccolla, lettuce, and basil on a olive oil dressing.  
Caprese   59’000.-
Tomatoes, original mozzarella cheese and fresh basil
Watermelon Feta Salad   62’000.-
Refreshing watermelon salad with feta cheese, onions, mint leaves, a dash of balsamic vinegar and olive oil served on a bed ruccola greens
Caesar’s Salad   39’000.-
Roman lettuce on anchovy dressing and parmesan cheese
Ruccola Salad   52’000.-
Ruccola with fresh champignons, cherry tomatoes and parmesan, a balsamico dressing


Il Quatetto di Pasta 56’000.- 82’000.-
Home made ravioli ricotta, mushroom ravioli, tortellini al carne and gnocchi Napolitana
Gnocchi Gorgonzola 64’000.- 96’000.-
Home made potato gnocchi on a creamy Gorgonzola sauce
Gnocchi Napolitana 29’000.- 46’000.-
Home made potato gnocchi, on tomato sauce and basil
Ravioli Ricotta 34’000.- 49’000.-
Home made ravioli with ricotta cheese and spinach filling on fresh salvia butter
Ravioli Verde Tonnato 34’000.- 49’000.-
Home made spinach ravioli, filled with tuna, on fresh butter
Ravioli Mushroom 34’000.- 49’000.-
Home made ravioli with a filling of champignon, onion, garlic and cream, on fresh butter
Ravioli Roquefort 46’000.- 64’000.-
Home made ravioli, stuffed with a blend of Roquefort cheese and walnuts, on a lemon cream sauce
Ravioli ”UN’s” 34’000.- 49’000.-
Home made ravioli filled with chicken on original Balinese mixture of herb on fresh butter
Tortellini al carne 56’000.- 78’000.-
Home made tortellini, filled with delicious beef Bolognese, on cheese cream sauce
Spaghetti / Fettuccini al’arabbiata 32’000.- 49’000.-
Penne on a spicy tomato sauce
Spaghetti / Fettuccini Bolognese 45’000.- 68’000.-
On delicious beef Bolognese sauce
Spaghetti / Fettuccini “ Smoked Marlin” 34’000.- 51’000.-
On a cream sauce with champignons and sliced smoked marlin fish

Main Courses

Steak au Poivre   186’000.-
Imported tenderloin beef, sautéed in pink and green peppercorns, brandy, cream and demi glaze, served with grilled tomato and potato-eggplant gratin  
Lamb Shank Un’s   139’000.-
Oven braised, with red cabbage and mashed potatoes
Surf ‘n’ Turf   203’000.-
Imported fillet steak with king prawns, served with garlic butter and sea-salt baked potatoes
Beef “Stroganoff”   149’000.-
Slices of imported tenderloin beef on a paprika-sour cream with champignon, onion and cucumber sauce, served with steamed rice  
Medaillons a la Moutarde   118’000.-
3 small pork tenderloin on a cream mustard sauce, served with hash brown and green beans, wrapped with juicy braised bacon  
Spatchcocks with Rosemary   72’000.-
Grilled young chicken with herbs, baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes, ruccola drizzled with pan juice
Escalope a la Crème   109’000.-
Chicken breast scallops on a delicious champignon-cream sauce served with homemade fettuccini
Chicken “Maryland”   109’000.-
Sliced fillet of chicken, braised in butter, on a creamy garlic sauce, served with garden vegetables and French fries
Cordon Bleu   116’000.-
Breaded chicken fillet with ham and cheese served with garden vegetable and French fries

Un’s Special’s

Entrecote “ Café de Paris “
Imported, sliced tenderloin beef on a homemade
herb - butter sauce, served with French fries



Pork Ribs in Hoisin Sauce
On a delicious herb-sauce, served with rice
and steamed tomato.


Red Snapper Fillet
On a delicious herb-sauce, served with rice
and steamed tomato.



Ravioli Carousel
Try our five kinds of homemade ravioli, a journey
through Europe’s finest taste with a touch of Bali



Beef Fondue Bourguignon
200g tenderloin beef cubes
with four different dips, mixed pickles,
served with French fries or rice

226’000.- per person
(min. 2 person)


Thai Style King Prawn Spaghetti
With coriander, basil, yellow curry and coconut cream sauce



Tuna Tartar
Sashimi grade tuna, seasoned with wasabi-soya
dressing and ginger, on cucumber yoghurt sauce



Fish and Seafood

Tuna Dill Medallions   136’000.-
Sashimi grade tuna medallions on a creamy dill sauce, served with jasmine rice and garden vegetables
Potato Wrapped Snapper Fillet   93’000.-
Served with garlic mashed potatoes, red and yellow pepper butter, topped with balsamico
Sesame Butterfish   85’000.-
Butterfish fillet, on a delicious garlic-butter sauce, topped with black and white sesame seeds, served with sautéed potatoes
Grilled Mahi-mahi with spicy Mango salsa   89’000.-
Mahi-mahi fish fillet, with mango, onions, bell pepper, and coriander salsa, served with steamed rice
King Prawns with ginger, garlic and lime butter   146’000.-
Served with steamed rice

Indonesian Food

Rendang   89’000.-
Beef braised in coconut milk with delicious Indonesian spices, served with yellow rice, krupuk, fried onions and sambal ulek
Babi Kecap   69’000.-
Sweetish pork tenderloin cooked in a Balinese aromatic soya sauce, served with steamed rice, potatoes rissole and cucumber in vinegar  
Chicken Sate   56’000.-
Chicken skewers on a Balinese peanut sauce, served with steamed rice
Ikan Pepes   62’000.-
Minced snapper and marlin grilled in banana leaf with tasty Balinese herb butter served with steamed rice and garden vegetables  
Nasi Goreng UN’S   59’000.-
Fried rice with chicken breast, rendang, fried egg and krupuk
Mie Goreng UN’S   59’000.-
Fried noodles with chicken breast, rendang beef, fried egg and krupuk


Crème Catalane   34’000.-
vanilla cream, flavoured with orange and lemon grind, caramelized before serving    
Pannacota   38’000.-
the famous creamy dessert, with a touch of vanilla, served with fresh strawberry topping    
Swiss Toblerone Chocolate Mousse   42’000.-
served with berry coulis    
Mango Cheese Cake   43’000.-
Homemade cheese cake topped with fresh mangoes    
Brownie Sundae   30’000.-
Homemade chocolate brownies served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with peanuts and whipped cream    
Coupe Romanoff   35’000.-
2 scoops of vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries, topped with whipped cream    
Banana Split   38’000.-
3 scoops of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream on banana halves, served with hot dark chocolate and sprinkled peanuts    
Coupe Bailey’s   35’000.-
Two scoops of mocha ice cream, a shot of Bailey’s liquor topped with whipped cream    
Ice cream, per scoop   9’000.-
vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mocha, mango and lemon sherbet    

B a l i S p e c i a l s

plain   14’000.-
madu   19’000.-
attack   22’000.-
House Wine    
Two Island, Red, Shiraz, per glass   59’000.-
Two Island, Red, Cabernet Merlot, per glass   59’000.-
Two Island, White, Riesling, per glass   59’000.-
Two Island, White, Chardonnay, per glass   59’000.-
Two Island, White, Sauvignon Blanc, per glass   59’000.-
Two Island, White, Pinot Grigio, per glass   59’000.-
Hatten Wine    
Rose - per bottle   200’000.-
Rose - per Glass   40’000.-
Rose - per Carafe 5 dl   110’000.-
White - per bottle   209’000.-
White - per Glass   40’000.-
White - per Carafe 5 dl   110’000.-
Hatten Sparkling Wine    
Hatten “Jepun”   299’000.-
Hatten “Tunjung”   350’000.-
Bottle Wine Red , 7.5dl    
Two Island, Shiraz   299’000.-
Two Island, Shiraz - Per Carafe 5dl   199’000.-
Two Island, Cabernet Merlot   299’000.-
Two Island, Cabernet Merlot - Per Carafe 5dl   199’000.-
Jacob’s Creek, Shiraz, Australia   450’000.-
Bottle Wine White 7.5dl    
Two Island, Chardonnay   298’000.-
Two Island, Chardonnay - Per Carafe 5dl   199’000.-
Two Island Riesling   298’000.-
Two Island Riesling - Per Carafe 5dl   199’000.-
Two Island, White, Sauvignon Blanc   298’000.-
Two Island, White, Sauvignon Blanc - Per Carafe 5dl   199’000.-
Two Island, White, Pinot Grigio   298’000.-
Two Island, White, Pinot Grigio - Per Carafe 5dl   199’000.-
Jacob’s Creek, Chardonnay, Australia   450’000.-


UN’S Frozen Margarita   30’000,-
B52   92’000,-
Margarita   77’000,-
Brandy Alexander   72’000,-
Dry Martini   55’000,-
Grasshopper   60’000,-
Angel Thief   60’000,-
Golden Dream   80’000,-
Black Russian   82’000,-
Whisky Sour   62’000,-
Bloody Mary   59’000,-
Manhatten   70’000,-
Rusty Nail   83’000,-
Daiquiri (with any kind of fruits)   51’000,-


Benedictin   49’000,-
Southern Comfort   49’000,-
Bailey’s   45’000,-
Cointreau   45’000,-
Midori   45’000,-
Tia Maria   45’000,-
Kahlua   45’000,-
Sambucca   45’000,-
Galliano   45’000,-
Amaretto   45’000,-


Red Lable   55’000,-
Famous Grouse   55’000,-
Black Lable   60’000,-
Chivas Regal   60’000,-
Jim Beam   55’000,-
Jameson   55’000,-
Canadian Club   55’000,-
Jack Daniel   60’000,-
Glen Morangie   69’000,-


Napoleon   50’000,-
Hennessy VSOP   69’000,-
Remi Martin XO   98’000,-


Bacardi   55’000,-
Myers’s Rum   55’000,-

G i n

Cordon’s Dry Gin   55’000,-


Smirnoff   55’000,-
Absolut Vodka   55’000,-
Grey Goose   80’000,-


Jose Cuervo   65’000,-

Coffee & Tea

Cappuccino   25’000,-
Café Latte   25’000,-
Espresso   20’000,-
Coffee   20’000,-
Bali Kopi   15’000,-
Tea   12’000,-
Ginger Tea   12’000,-
Ice Coffee with ice cream   27’000,-

Soft Drinks

Coca Cola   14’000,-
Diet Coke   20’000,-
Sprite   14’000,-
Fanta Orange   14’000,-
Fanta Soda   12’000,-
Aqua   8’000,-
Dry Ginger Ale   17’000,-
Schweppes Tonic Water   30’000,-
Equil Sparkling, natural mineral water   22’000,-

Fruit Juice

Orange   25’000,-
Lemon   20’000,-
Banana   20’000,-
Pineapple   20’000,-
Papaya   20’000,-
Mango   25’000,-
Watermelon   20’000,-
Mixed fruit juice   25’000,-
Avocado juice   25’000,-
Lassy (mango, banana, or plain with honey)   28’000,-
Milk Shake (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mocha or banana)   30’000,-


Campari   68’000,-
Martini dry   45’000,-
Martini rosso   45’000,-
Pernod   45’000,-

Long Drinks

Long Island Tea   95’000,-
Singapore Sling   73’000,-
Tequila Sunrise   65’000,-
Tom Collins   65’000,-
Mai Tai   65’000,-
Planters Punch   65’000,-
Zombie   65’000,-

B e e r

Bintang small   25’000,-
San Miquel small   30’000,-
Heineken small   30’000,-

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